US News: Clearing the Air About Being Black in Hong Kong

Written By: Marta Colombo
Photos by: Katherine Cheng for USN&WR

HONG KONG – “IF YOU HAD a time machine, would you go into the past or into the future?” asks hosts Marie-Louisa Awolaja and Folahan Sowole, aka “Lou” and the “Fantastic Fo,” to one of their interviewees on a recent episode of their podcast, HomeGrown. “Black people have suffered enough in the past, what am I going to do back there? There’s nothing there for us, I’m going into the future,” guest Katakyie Ofori-Atta answers while laughing. “That’s optimistic,” says Sowole, also laughing.

The exchange encapsulates the lighthearted approach to discussing serious topics in HomeGrown, which British-Nigerian millennials Awolaja and Sowole recently launched in Hong Kong to create a platform to inform and inspire the Black expatriate community in the city.

While the series deals with timely themes such as racism, inequality and being part of a minority in a largely homogenous society, it does so through personal and relatable stories that deviate from many conventional and stereotyped narratives. More importantly, HomeGrown celebrates diversity and excellence.

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