Eco-Arts and Media Festival

This year, York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) celebrated its 25th year hosting the Eco Arts & Media Festival, built around the theme of Past-Now, Future Generations, which takes up the interconnection of all living things across time.

Individual actions, state violence, uneven power relations and environmental degradation results in different fallout and is experienced across generations. In Anishinaabe terms, this concept of seven generations considers how thinking generationally brings to the fore the importance of respect, continuity and accountability. In the current political climate of rampant violence against Black and Indigenous people across the continent; environmental racism and the ongoing effects of climate change, this year’s Eco Arts and Media Festival acknowledges the generations to come and raises the question of how to create better futures.

Since 1994, the Eco-Arts and Media Festival has featured music, performance, dance and participatory workshops where activism and art practices express perspectives on environmental and social issues.

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