Africa-China Photo Exhibition

The Africa-China Journalists Forum & Photo Exhibition took place at Wits University on 1 November. The Photo Exhibition featured 20 images taken by 14 photographers; at the Forum Justin Hui, Hong Kong-based photographer and architect, led a discussion of all the images in the exhibition. The Photo Exhibition was a collection images that best encapsulate “Africa-China”, i.e. emphasising on-the-ground African impact and perspectives to illustrate how the lives of the people of Africa are changing amid the comprehensive phenomenon of Africa-China interactions. The exhibition was displayed in the Atrium of the Southwest Engineering Building on the Wits East Campus.

Nepal: Then and Now

‘Nepal: Then & Now’ is a photography exhibition that juxtaposes historical and contemporary photographs of Nepal, examining how the physical and social landscape of Nepal has changed over time. This exhibition examined change from the perspectives of the eight photographers. With each comparison showcasing a different interpretation of change in Nepal.

Change is complicated and multi-faceted, impacting society in both negative and positive ways. This exhibition address a multitude of different issues, with each of the 10 comparisons showcasing a different perspective on change in Nepal. In the last hundred years Nepal has gone through a period of rapid change: tumultuous political changes; Nepal opening up its borders; the “hippie invasion” and freak street; becoming a tourist and NGO global hotspot; technological advancements; educational reform; the destruction of the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake; increased industrialisation and globalisation.

This show featured 21 photographs, 10 comparisons, from eight photographers: Shisang Lama, Fritz Berger, Bipin Raj Tiwari, Ram Paudel, Katherine Cheng, Pablo Lopez, Shrijana Shrestha, and Peter Gill.

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