Hong Kong Protests


An estimate of over 800 000 individuals came out to march during a rally that marked the six month anniversary of the Hong Kong protests, organised by the Civil Human Rights Front. (Wan Chai. December 12, 2019).

Protestors showcase a 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now' banner during a lunchtime protest in Central, the financial district of Hong Kong, raising their hands to signify the Five Demands. (Central. November 2, 2019).

Tourists wave a Chinese flag in front of a popular tourist destination in Macau on the 20th anniversary of its handover to China - a surreal contrast to its neighbour. (Macau. December 20, 2019).

A black-clad protestor uses a bright umbrella as a shield against tear gas and rubber bullets in front of a police station. (Tsim Sha Tsui. October 20, 2019).

A policeman cordons off the streets with orange tape during demonstrations. (Wan Chai. July 1, 2020).

A water cannon laced with blue dye is fired on the campus of the Polytechnic University, the site of the peak of tensions. (PolyU. November 17, 2019).

Protestors set up a make-shift base at the Polytechnic University, with security checkpoints and stations for first aid, equipment, and food. Later in the evening, police would surround the campus and block all individuals from leaving the premises, resulting in the 'Polytechnic Siege' for nearly two weeks. (Polytechnic University. November 17, 2019).

A protestor with rain gear holding molotov cocktails at the Polytechnic University. (PolyU. November 17, 2019).

A protestor with a gas mask and umbrella putting on gloves at the Polytechnic University. (PolyU. November 17, 2019).

The morning after the first night of the PolyU Siege, people on their way to work survey the damage. (Mong Kok. November 18, 2019).

A protestor dressed in a yellow raincoat with black, yellow, and white balloons. Dozens of people lay white flowers, candles, and ribbons in mourning of the two-year death anniversary of a man who fell to his death from nearby scaffolding during the beginning of the social unrest, becoming an icon for the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests. (Pacific Place. June 15, 2021).

For the second time since 1989, a Tiananmen Square vigil was banned in Hong Kong, citing concerns of public health safety. 3,000 police officers were deployed around the empty area. (Victoria Park. June 4, 2021).

For the first time in 30 years, the annual Tiananmen Square vigil was banned in Hong Kong, with reasons cited as being Covid-19 related. Hundreds of protestors showed up at Victoria Park in defiance of the ban, lighting candles. With the introduction of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, this may have been the last memorial. (Victoria Park. June 6, 2020).

Business people casually walk by bricks strewn across the streets of Central, the financial district of Hong Kong, during a lunchtime protest. (Central. November 11, 2019).

By the end of the night, at least six people would be arrested and twelve people fined. (Victoria Park. June 4, 2021).

A protestor uses a bright umbrella in the rain on the last day of Apple Daily. (Apple Daily Headquarters. June 24, 2021).

Protestors use their phones to light up the night, showcasing a "Free HK" sign the night before a major protest. (Edinburgh Place. October 19, 2019).

The final evening before the official revealing and implementation of the National Security Law, taking the form of 66 far-reaching articles that target acts of “subversion, secession, terrorism, and foreign interference.” (Wan Chai. June 30, 2020).


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