To me, sending a postcard is a way of sharing a piece of your day, your time, your life to someone who may live all the way across the world.  As someone who has always loved sending letters and packages, this practice became especially meaningful to me these past couple of years - I had moved to Hong Kong just as protests broke out, a global pandemic suddenly shut down borders, and a national security law was introduced.

It seemed that overnight, everything changed.

Space and distance seemed amplified, and the never-ending buzz of social media was exhausting. I was craving for another way to connect with those who I could not see.

To send a postcard or letter, it was my way of sharing something tangible - a way for people to physically hold a conversation in their hands. A way of intentionally slowing down how we think and what we say.

With these postcards and prints, I am looking for a way of connecting those who have had to abandon their only homes, the families who have been separated by oceans, friends who have not embraced for years. A chance to write one another, and say hello.

For those who have been or remain in Hong Kong, I want you to have a piece of these memories to hang on your walls - a piece of Hong Kong.

Available Postcards


Ideas and Suggestions

When getting ready to write a letter or postcard, I would suggest setting aside some time and space. Think of this as a moment for yourself, as well as for who you're sending it to. Can you make some tea and light a candle, or put on your favourite music playlist? Is there something in particular that you're trying to say?

When drawing inspiration for other paper art or trinkets to include, I try to think of light items that would fit in a paper envelope and travel well.

- Have you ever made some pressed flowers or leaves of local flora?
- Do you have a favourite tea bag or recipe to share?
- Are there any ticket stubs that could show what your day looked like?
- Can you make a bookmark or a tiny painting?
- Do you have any small photographs or polaroids?
- Could you decorate the envelope with some paint or pen drawings?

This is just a list of suggestions as a starting point, but you can really take it to wherever your imagination goes.

I hope you have some fun with it and enjoy this process, and that it brings some light to both you and your recipient's day.

If you'd like to share your creation on social media, I'd love to see it at #postcardstofromhome or @katherinekycheng!


Stories Behind the Photos

We Love Hong Kong
On the evening of June 30, 2020, the National Security Law was set to be announced in Hong Kong. Nobody was certain about what to expect and a heavy air hung over the city. Composed of 66 articles, the law officially came into effect at 11pm.

Mangroves by the Sea
On the edges of Tai O, a small fishing village built on stilts, a mangrove forest can be found along the coast. Fallen leaves and star-shaped flowers are scattered across the floor, framing tiny holes that are the homes to nearby crabs and creatures.

Victoria Peak Gardens
During the many waves of COVID-19, people rushed to the outdoors for a breath of fresh air. Atop 'The Peak,' a popular tourist destination in Hong Kong, slow dusks and dawns gained new witnesses to their daily appearances. 





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